Super Pants

Soooo. i had two classes with holly since being here in L.A.  The first was a master class that i joined in on. The level of the class was mixed  so i felt comfortable.  (no biggie and a slight confidence booster)  however, the second class was to be at LMU (holly’s Alma mater) This wouldn’t usually be a problem for me. but,  i was super sore from the first class two days before.  ( proving I’m out of shape!) Also,  i remembered that college students 3 months into their fall classes usually have a pretty good retention for movement. I only hoped that i could keep up. As i pondered my fate hours before my trek across town to LMU, i realized that my worries had been in vain. I was in possession of something that all dancers know can make or break a class regardless of technique. Attire! if you feel comfortable in what your wearing in class, you can achieve performance quality in the simplest of movements.  I had in my wardrobe a pair of pants who’s origin was rooted in many years of learning and understanding movement.  they had been hand made by a dancer for a dancer. they were super pants. and i owned two such jewels. Once i dawned the newly made pair (the others were dirty) all my fears melted away. I know it sounds mythical or even like a fairy tale. but,  i promise as true as i am writing that those pants made me have confidence in my “look” which in turn transferred to my confidence in movement. So is it silly that a simple pair of pants can exude confidence? i think not!


thanks E!