Ledges and Bones

Well Shit! ok i auditioned aug 10th for holly johnson’s company on aug 10th the day before our last day in L.A.  Both melissa and i didn’t hear anything from holly.  Even though after the audition holly told me she wanted to put me on her short list i didn’t hear anything from her. We came home and got back to life as usual. i wasn’t really happy about the fact that i didn’t hear anything, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. I just felt like i was meant for more than working in the office at Brian’s On-site Recycling Inc. (even though it was my office and i ran it how i saw fit) Well no sooner than i was talking about not getting picked and Holly called. “i would like to invite you to join my company,” i was still thinking about seeing her name on my caller ID. well i think this could be an amazing journey for me. i think i have been waiting for something ( anything) to compel me to leave and find my own way. The problem is what i feel for my family. i feel indebted to them. i feel like it is my responsibility as a Fidalgo to take care of my people. however that may mean i have to give up that which i love most. ” Dance!” ohh the thoughts i have! i need to find some way to figure things out. It doesn’t help that melissa says she won’t come unless she has a stable job. Also the subbie needs to be traded in, but the car i “Want” to replace it is gonna cost me another $150 in payments and another $150 in insurance. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! hope i can figure it out by my birthday!